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“ I’m so thankful to thisistracking.com for being able to locate my wife’s phone, as I honestly thought we will never find it. We looked for it everywhere and then in just 2 minutes. My grandson explained me how to use this service and even though I’m 69 years old, I can say it’s really easy to use and I managed to find my wife’s phone in just few minutes. ”

Gerhard S./AT

“ WoW! This service is amazing! I wanted to surprise the girl I like, and find her at the concert of our favourite band. With this service I managed to locate her discretely and give her their latest signed CD. And that’s not all, we started dating immediately, so I’m grateful for coming across such a great web site. ”

Steven J./NC

“ Thanks to thisistracking.com my Amsterdam adventure ended well, as my friend lost the phone while we were waiting for the tourist boat to cruise around the city canals. It took less than 2 minutes for thisistracking.com to locate his phone, so we’ve even managed to catch our boat. Thanks God that something like this exists and it’s hassle free. ”

Kelly S./GE

“ ThisIsTracking.com is just awesome as it helped me to locate my stolen car! I left my phone and my wallet in the car and went for a short coffee break with my friends. When I came back, my car wasn’t there anymore. One of my friends used this service and we’ve located the car and informed the police immediately. They did the rest and I got my car back thanks to this website. ”

Julio C./IT

“ I lost my pet once and went to the police station. But they did not guarantee its safe return. However, I had a tracking device installed on its collar. Later, I tracked my pet through thisistracking.com. ”

Roger J./USA

“ I lost my cell phone once and got completely mad. All my important contacts were gone since I did not have any alternative back up. Later, I tracked it down with the help of this website. I feel grateful to such wonderful service. ”

Peter K./DE


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