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Do I need to share my personal contact information to use this service?

You are asked to share some basic information like your name, address and phone number to use our phone tracking service and all your personal information will be protected through our privacy policy.

Can I get the alerts into the Inbox of my email account?

Yes, you can receive the alerts directly into your email Inbox, the same way you receive the alerts as SMS in your mobile phone. This will help to start the update even without having the cell phone with you.

How frequently this service will update the information about the location of any phone number?

The system will update the information about the location of any cell phone in a continuous manner. You can also modify the frequency of update from the setting option and continue the service enable or disable as per your requirement.

Can I monitor the calls made from the targeted phone?

Our service only offer tracking the location of the number via GPS. You can’t monitor any phone calls, massages, or emails of the phone.

Can I use this service as a law enforcing force officer?

Yes of course, we are open to all. Moreover, if you submit your legal papers, we will verify it and our service may be provided to you at free of cost.

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