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Will my id publish?

No, your id will be fully confidential; no one can find your id. We use automatic tracker system, which work without keeping any data stored.

Can I share the result publicly?

No result can be shared publicly from our website. You can share the result from your own place by keeping in mind the government rules of your country or region.

What about the phone calls without GPS?

Our system is based on GPS system. We can only track GPS enabled phone calls. But we are also planning for a service where only the phone numbers will be needed for tracking a call.

What is the payment method for premium membership?

We take any type of credit cards. But you can also pay in our bank account. See contacts for more details. Log onto our website and contact the financial support. You can also pay via PayPal.

Does any physical access is required for the targeted phone?

No, you don’t need any physical access for the targeted phone. All we need for tracking a phone number is an active GPS service, as phone numbers are tracked based on this service.

Will the targeted phone user know about the process?

No, the targeted phone user will never know about the process. We will not call or send any massage to the targeted phone number.

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