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Can anyone track my phone number too?

Your location or position can only be traced through your phone number if you allow our phone tracking service to do so. Otherwise, no one can track your phone number without having proper authorization.

Is there any option to protect my phone number not being tracked and traced?

Yes, we are holding a strict privacy policy and there is no chance to get your phone number available. We don’t have any third party software, hence there is no chance to trace or track your phone number by other parties.

Is it necessary for me to have a GPS enabled phone to use this service?

Yes, you must have a GPS supported phone in order to track or trace the location. It is not possible to trace the location of any phone number without having the GPS service enabled in the handset.

Can I use this tracking service on my phone even if I don’t have an iPhone?

It is not required to possess an iPhone to use this phone tracking service. Of course, you can track and trace any phone number using our service through your iPhone, but our system also works fine with other handsets, too.

Can I have access to my activity log while using this tracking service?

Yes, you can obtain detailed information about your usages in the activity log. This activity log will help you amaze how frequently you have used our phone tracking service and the behavior pattern of your activity.

Will this tracking system (software) affect the battery life of my cell/smart phone?

Battery life is a big issue for handsets, and a certain portion of your phone’s battery life will be required to use our phone tracking service as it requires data connectivity and access to the GPS to give you the answer.

What this system will do if no network signal is available on my phone?

Unfortunately, you cannot use this scheme if you are out of your mobile network. Our system can retrieve the last available data instead during the time when you are outside of the network coverage of your mobile operator.

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